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If you have already checked out the overview and are looking for more information on Teacher Training Program Recognition, than you’ve come to the right place. ACE is currently offering consultations and recognitions for aerial teacher training programs only, although we have plans to add a process for other teacher training certifications in the future.

Application process for Teacher Training Program Recognition

To make the process as easy-to-follow as possible, we’ve included this step by step overview.

  1. Self-assessment based on ACE’s guidelines
    Any interested studio must review ACE’s Teacher Training Program guidelines and complete a self assessment form with their application. The studio owners/managers should have made a good-faith effort at meeting the guidelines prior to sending in the written application.
  2. Written application.
    Fill out and send in the Application form and complete the checklist of required additional materials. If the application is complete and all the information is present, the program can move to the next step.
  3. Telephone interview
    An ACE safety consultant will be assigned and will schedule and conduct a phone interview (or series of interviews) to review the submitted materials. Through the process of this conversation the safety consultant and the program representative will identify areas of strength and areas of concern and arrive together at ideas of acceptable solutions. The goal of this step is to ensure that the program is as prepared as possible for the in-person visit; the safety consultant and the program representative will work together and when everything appears in order and any necessary changes have been instituted the program can proceed to the next step.
  4. In-person visit
    The ACE safety consultant will visit the applicant’s facility for a minimum of 12 hours over a period of two days. It is important that this visit be scheduled carefully so that all necessary staff including the program representative is available to the consultant and so that the consultant can see the program “in-action” (ie-when there is an actual teacher training/class happening). During the visit, the consultant will ask further questions, conduct interviews with teacher training staff, observe practices and offer further suggestions for improvement if needed. It is up to the discretion of the consultant if the changes that need to be made warrant another visit (this is unlikely and should be avoided and planned for with the written/telephone consults) or if any small changes can be documented and sent along without the need for a return.
  5. Recognition
    In the final step the program receives ACE recognition. ACE will publish this information and add the program to the list of recognized programs, and the program will be provided with the seals and advertising and allowed to publicly display their new status.


After the initial process of recognition, the program will submit a yearly renewal questionnaire. One of three things can happen after the renewal is submitted:

  1. ACE determines that all changes are small and comply with guidelines; no further action is needed.
  2. ACE determines that changes require a telephone interview or other follow-up. This step will be exercised a minimum of every 3 years.
    Ex: New teacher training staff is hired and ACE wishes to conduct interviews.
  3. ACE determines that an onsite visit is required. Barring any major changes, an onsite visit will be conducted every 6 years, but major changes in facility or management may warrant an earlier onsite visit.
    Ex: The program moves facilities or experiences major changes in management.


To pay for the application fee or site visit fee, visit our Amilia site here.

Application Fee: $100
Initial fee, due with written application. Covers review of written materials and two one-hour telephone consultations to help the applicant prepare for the in-person visit.

Site Visit Fee: $800
Full application fee, due with request for in-person visit. Covers on-site inspection and interviews over two days.
The cost of transport and lodging for the ACE safety consultant are covered by the studio.

Renewal application fee: $100/year.

Total cost: $900 for the first year, +$100/year for 6 years after.

Grievance Policy

If in the process of applying for or obtaining recognition, any program feels they have been treated with unfair bias by their assigned safety consultant they may seek to have a new safety consultant assigned to them. No more than two consultants will be assigned to any program, and the application fee is non-refundable.

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