Safety Consultant Group


ACE’s Safety Program is made possible by the ACE Safety Consultant Group. The SCG is made up of industry professionals with a passion for the continuing evolution of best practices in the circus arts. They come from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of experiences, but share a set of values that include the following:

  1. No single person has all the answers when it comes to best practices; in fact, there are no final answers in how we deal collectively with risk management as it relates to circus arts
  2. Education, not exclusion, is the key to improving practices in the circus arts in the United States
  3. Experts should be paid for their expertise and improving the safety practices in our sector is an urgent need

ACE Safety Consultants are paid ($700 for teacher training and $375 for circus arts programming) on a freelance basis when they take on an application, perform a site-visit or consult on their area of experience, but not all of the work of the group is paid. Every consultant must apply and be approved by the Safety Committee based on many factors, including:

  1. A deep familiarity with the ACE Safety Program, either through an intensive course (offered at National and Regional ACE Educatos Conferences), or through specialized orientation (in special cases only)
  2. Must have a wealth of professional experience in some facet of risk management as it pertains to circus: rigging, curriculum or policy
  3. Excellent communication and technology skills
  4. A history within the community or ACE as an organization (attending Educator or Youth Conferences) and accompanying references

This list is by no means exclusive or exhaustive; if you are new to our community but have a wealth of experience and a passion for safety, please send in your application so we can get to know you.

Becoming an ACE Safety Consultant

If you are interested in becoming an ACE Safety Consultant, please download the ACE Safety Consultant Application. Email your completed application to

In the process of filling out the application, you’ll also need to reference the ACE Teacher Training Program Guidelines.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by the ACE Safety Committee; you will hear about the status of your application after it has been reviewed.