Network Origin Story

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History of the Social Circus Initiative

In 2015, AYCO launched a multi-year initiative to support growth in social circus across the USA.

Phase 1 drew to a close in February 2016 and achieved the following objectives:

Learn more about the initiative here, in a slideshow presented at the AYCO Festival in August 2015.

Phase 2:

The AYCO Social Circus Impact Study launched in October 2016.  This is a research project, conducted by the David P Weikart Center for Youth Program Effectiveness. The study involves 8 Social Circus Network members over the course of one year.  Measurements include observation by external evaluators, assessments by program staff and youth questionnaires.  Results will be available in Q4 2017. The project is jointly funded by Cirque du Soleil, the James E and Diane W Burke Foundation and participating organizations.

The 2016 American Circus Educators conference included a specially designed Social Circus track, based on the needs expressed by Network Members.  We held 15 sessions in this track including:

Cirque du Soleil provided a three-day pre-conference training for Program Directors, focusing on developing systems to support program growth.  This included training in staff and curriculum development.