2019 // ISSUE 1, VOL. 15

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Welcome to the new website format of the ACE Magazine! As always, the magazine is an indispensable source of information and perspectives unique to circus educators — but now in an updated, more accessible form! Readers can share specific articles with colleagues, students, and friends online, making it easier to discuss and draw attention to useful topics. At the same time, content is still a connected and curated collection of articles, released together in thematic issues.

This first issue of 2019 is about the international scope of the social circus movement, featuring two organizations (Cirbana Circus in Cuba and Zip Zap Circus in South Africa) and one regional network (ASCA, the Asian Social Circus Association). These three examples just scratch the surface of the multitude of organizations around the globe doing this amazing work and having real impact! AYCO’s Social Circus Network connects US social circus organizations which offer cost-effective, evidence-based approaches to help people overcome the barriers they face. The social circus movement is everywhere! 

Also featured are recently released books–many written by current ACE professional members! The range of subjects and the variety of approaches and writing styles mirror the diversity of circus arts. We are lucky to have so many in the community currently sharing their knowledge and experiences through publication, for the benefit of both circus educators and the general public.

Enjoy perusing these articles and reviews–we hope they spread the spark of circus connection and education far and wide!

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Tara Jacob
Interim Executive Director

// Social Circus //

Lindsay Bevan | April 5, 2019
Social Circus Highlight: Asian Social Circus Association (Asia)

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Laurence Esteve | April 5, 2019
Social Circus Highlight: Zip Zap Circus (South Africa)

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Aramís Quintana Morales | April 5, 2019
Social Circus Highlight: Cirabana Circus (Cuba)

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// Book Reviews //

By Dr. Jennifer Beth Spiegel | April 5, 2019
A look at a new book exploring the impact of social circus in today’s world
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By Erin Ball | April 5, 2019
The Flying Footless Manual: A Guide for Creating Accessible Circus Practices
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By Emily Scherb | April 5, 2019
At look at the book Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts
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By Benjamin Domask | April 5, 2019
A review of Thom Wall’s Juggling from Antiquity to the Middle Ages
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By Jeff Raz | April 5, 2019
A note on The Snow Clown from the author
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By Jackie Leigh Davis | April 5, 2019
A look at the new guideDIY Circus Lab for Kids
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By | April 5, 2019
Check out the Social Circus coloring book Social Circus Around the Globe
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