Games Project

Order the first edition of the Games Book!

Submit your game for the second edition!

Due in large part to the huge success of the first edition of Games for Circus Educators, Organizers and Innovators, ACE is working toward creating a 2nd edition and we want it to be compromised entirely of games submitted by you, the ACE community!

We’re looking for new games as well as variations on and expansions upon games in the first edition. Conditioning games, aerial games, and games for preschool-age children are especially welcome! If you have a game or a series of games that you would like to be included, please fill out the submission form below.

Additionally, we are also soliciting variations or comments on games from our original book, and would love to hear from you!

A few notes:
We are accepting games on an on-going basis!

The 2nd edition will contain all new material or new versions/adaptations of games from the first edition.  Please review to make sure that your submission does not already appear in the first edition if you have it!

One form submission per game/variation. Feel free to submit as many games/variations/comments as you wish.

Please feel free to contact Claire Dehm ( with any questions.

We really look forward to collecting all of the incredible games known and played by this robust community. Play on!