Studies and Reports

 2018 Circus Survey
The 2018 Circus Survey Report
 Youth Circus Social and Emotional Learning
A 2017 national study, commissioned by the American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) and conducted by the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality, shows positive impact of circus programming on youth at risk.
Social Circus Research
A collection of studies, papers, and articles about Social Circus.

    Helpful Lists

Pre-Professional and Professional Programs, Intensives, Residencies (North America)
A master list of programs in North America for pursuing circus after youth circus, including useful information on application details, price, duration, and more.
Youth and Social Circus Worldwide Master List
An extensive global list of youth circus programs which teach multiple skills, compiled by Jacqueline Davis, Audrey Djunaedi, Lloyd D. Scharmecker Jr., and Brianna Marie Wegrzyn in 2017.
College Circus Clubs List
List of circus, juggling, and aerial clubs and groups at U.S. colleges and universities, organized by state.

    Important References

Gender and Circus Coaching

An information and reference sheet on gender identity and circus created by the Youth Advisory Committee in 2017.

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Health and Wellness Resources

Compiled by the ACE/AYCO Health and Wellness committee, these Guiding Principles are the first step in creating best practice safety/health guidelines for sexual abuse prevention in the circus arts.
Recommended Core Competencies for Youth Circus Practitioners
Eight recommended core competencies, as created by twenty-five AYCO organizational members at the 2010 AYCO Educator’s Conference.
Grant Writing Tips
Tips and examples from Phyllis Martin (AKA Truffle Pig) on grant writing for circus practitioners in the USA.

    Client Management Options


VAMP is a web-based studio management system designed specifically for circus schools, by a member of the community. ACE organizational members get a 20% discount!


A circus-school friendly client management system – ACE organizational members get a 10% discount!