2019 // ISSUE 2, VOL. 15

Circus Is Community!

The wonderful feeling of community, connection, and support permeated the entirety of AYCOfest 2019 this past August. The San Diego weather was sunny and gorgeous as AYCO took over a full block of venues to host all of the many attendees and many activities. Our far-flung community came together, traveling from far and wide to make new connections and strengthen old ties. Youth expanded their circus worlds, from making a secret handshake with a new friend, to learning a new skill in a workshop with a new coach, to applauding the skills of a fellow youth performer at an evening showcase.

AYCOfest is special. This crucial opportunity to be present all together takes hours of AYCO staff planning, host organization preparation, fundraising, volunteer contributions, and effort by attendees, families, and organizations. And it’s all worth it: to climb, flip, and dance; talk, eat, and chill; throw, roll and spin together as we build community. If you couldn’t be there in person, enjoy these reports from the ground – and see you there next time!

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Tara Jacob
Executive Director

// Circus Is Community: AYCOfest 2019 //

Hear from workshop leaders themselves about a selection of the over 250 workshops offered

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Two nights of performances showcasing the inspiring diversity of youth circus

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Some of the important topics that were able to be addressed with all gathered together in person

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// Features – Talk of the Festival //

What’s After Youth Circus If You Don’t Go Pro? |By Jen Agans, P.h.D.
Ideas for options beyond a performance career.
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Mind-hacking Your Way Through the Doldrums After Physical Injury
|By Lynette Lau
How to recognize and pay attention to our mental state as we recover physically.
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