ACE Quarantine Connection Series

May: ACE Quarantine Connection Series

Get ready for 4 weeks of circus discussion groups, presentations, and community connection! In these unprecedented times, many of us are missing not only our usual training practices, but especially our circus families and communities. AYCO/ACE is excited to offer a month of programming in our new Quarantine Connection Series.

What’s it all about?

The Quarantine Connection Series has two main parts: the Presenter Series and Discussion Groups. Read on!

Presenter Series, Thursdays, 8-9pm Eastern / 5-6pm Pacific

$5 for ACE members, $10 for non-ACE members. ACE will be hosting a weekly presenter series via Zoom. Lineup:

May 7th: Anne Miller, Circus Based Instruction From a Trauma Informed Mindset
Dr. Anne Miller will highlight the neurological impact of trauma on the brain, and how that affects learning, memory, and sensorimotor processing. This understanding will then be pedagogically applied to the Circus Arts, to help instructors of Circus utilize Trauma Informed principles in working with clientele in their general (non therapeutic) classes.

May 14th: Lacy Alana, Zoom Basics and Virtual Creativity: Maximizing the Virtual Format As a Circus Educator
This interactive session will teach you creative and unique ways to invite engagement and fun into your virtual work as a circus educator. We’ll cover zoom’s top features, along with unique ways to “hack” these features for maximum fun, engagement, group cohesion, and bonding during remote gatherings.

May 21st: Rhen Miles, Responding to Communities, Families, and Individuals: Understanding Social Determinants of Health and Trauma
In this presentation we will consider how the communities and students we serve are currently being impacted at the micro (individual), meso (community), and macro (systemic) levels. This interactive webinar will provide participants with a brief introduction to the concept of Social Determinants of Health as a way to contextualize how underserved and targeted communities are impacted by a multitude of health threats, including the current pandemic. Participants will also engage in interactive reflections on the nervous system and trauma, utilizing Polyvagal theory, to recontextualize behaviors that may sometimes be framed as “disengaged,” “irritable,” or “not committed.”  Participants will have the opportunity to discuss what they are experiencing with students and families and how they might create a structure of safety and support now and when in-person learning resumes. Additional educational resources will be provided for those that would like to continue their learning.

May 28th: Emily Scherb, A Vaccine for Your Vertical Vexes: Shoulders in Hanging and Handstand
As circus artists we may not realize it but having our arms in a vertical line overhead is a physical feat! Shoulders are one of the most injured joints for circus performers and by understanding them better we can support our bodies for incredible performance and long term health. So how do our shoulders work? What is the difference between the shoulder in hanging and in handstand?Join Emily Scherb as we unlock the mysteries of this important system!

Discussion Groups, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 2-3pm Eastern/ 11am-12pm Pacific

Free for AYCO/ACE members, suggested $10 for non-members (for all 4 weeks). Come talk with other circus folks who are going through some of the same things you are! ACE will be hosting 3 moderated discussion groups that will meet weekly. Discussions will be loosely moderated, and attendees will be broken into 4-5 person breakout rooms. Topics:  

Taking Care of Business Group, Tuesdays
Topics will include: unemployment benefits, loans, grants, budgeting, payment options, career planning, self care, career planning.

Online Circus Pedagogy Discussion Group, Wednesdays
Topics will include: lesson planning, strategies for engagement, skills and activities, safety, promotion, best platforms.

Hope to see you there! Questions? Email