Circus Equipment

Where to Buy Aerial Equipment Guide

Many people, especially those just starting out, do not know where to find quality suppliers for their aerial circus equipment. Here we have compiled a list of trusted suppliers from a few of our AYCO members in order to make locating the equipment you need much simpler. If you are browsing this list and know a good supplier that is not already mentioned please email us so we can add them.

Barry Cordage

Bobby’s Big Top

Custom Built Equipment, Inc.

Fabric Depot

This is not a circus website, but they have quality fabric for “tissue” or “chiffon.” The fabric type you want is 40 denier tricot.

Trapeze Arts

Unicyle Voltige

Even though this site has unicycle in the name, they sell many different types of circus arts equipments. Just be prepared, because everything is in French.

Versatile Arts


Compiled by Jessica N. Lipscomb