Client Management

ACE institutional members are now eligible to get 10% off of Pike 13 – a circus school friendly client management program.

Here’s how it works

If you are interested in starting a conversation with Pike 13 to see if it is right for you, click to enter the AYCO + Pike 13 Portal. This will submit your contact info to the sales team at Pike 13, and will alert them that you are eligible for the 10% discount.

You must initiate contact via the portal to be eligible for the discount!

This is available to all organizational members – at the Bronze, Silver, or Gold level. For more information on membership, visit our page here.

We’ve taken the time to compile as much information about Pike 13 as possible.  We understand that no system is perfect or one size fits all, and want to help you have access to all the information you need to decide if this is right for you.  As more circus schools use Pike 13, we will add information to this Google Drive document.

Click Here to Access the Pike 13 Pros and Cons Sheet