EdCon 2020 – Using Sched


Sched is the platform for navigating the Virtual EdCon. Sched is where you sign up for sessions and access the Zoom video streams they will take place on. Your sched account is separate from your AYCO/ACE Member Portal account you used or created in order to pay for and register for the EdCon through the ACE website.
As an EdCon registrant, you should receive a separate email inviting you to log into Sched. Invitations are sent out manually once a day on weekdays. (If you don’t receive an invitation within 36 hours of registering, please reply to this email to let us know!) When you follow the link in the invitation email, you’re either asked to create a password (if you haven’t used Sched before with your registration email address) or to give the password you used when you set up your Sched account before for a previous event.

Signing Up for Sessions
Once you’re in Sched, to sign up for a session you want to attend live you simply click the checkbox next to a session title (on the website) or click the ‘add to My Sched’ button (in the mobile app). It is important that you sign up for sessions, because this is how you will gain access to the live Zoom video feed for the session. A few sessions do have limited capacity, so signing up makes sure you get in!

Attending Sessions
Livestream Zoom links will be revealed 10 minutes before the start of the session. Just click on the session title of the session you are signed up for, and there will be a window with the Zoom stream right there along with the session description. There will also be a link to join the session through the Zoom app if you have it downloaded. 

Many of the sessions at EdCon will be recorded – but not all of them. That information is in each session’s description. You can also use the filter “Recorded’ to display only sessions that will be recorded or only sessions that won’t (Under ‘Filter Type’ on the right-hand side on the Sched website version, or under ‘Filters’ in the top left-hand corner of the Sched mobile app). All recordings will be made available to all attendees until the end of October (whether or not you were signed up for the sessions).

Time Zones
All times on Sched are displayed in Eastern Time! Please double-check the conversion to your time zone when signing up for sessions to make sure you can attend. You can even use a handy online converter tool.

Connect on Sched
On your Sched profile you can (if you like) add your bio info, a photo, and/or connect your social media accounts so others can reach you during or after the event! In your profile privacy settings, you can choose whether or not to make yourself visible to other attendees so they can find out more about you or see if they’ll be in a session with you.

Social Events
Both Saturday evenings during the conference there are events which give you a chance to connect socially in a virtual way with other EdCon attendees, since we can’t connect in person this year. October 17th will be a casual renegade-type showcase of silly human tricks, with some circus trivia for fun (sign up at the start of the event if you have a trick to show off). Bring your own drinks and snacks!  October 23rd will be the Closing Ceremony with announcements from ACE, followed by a connect-fest of breakout rooms where you can meet up with folks you’ve already seen at sessions to debrief and schmooze, or meet and get to know other attendees with similar circus interests for the first time.

On Sched, there’s a special place for circus-related attendee announcements, our ‘UPDATES!’ tab! Every day of the EdCon this tab will be updated to add more submissions. Share a short announcement with other attendees about your favorite pet circus project, event, or initiative by emailing info@americancircuseducators.org