Listing Information

Institutions are listed according to membership level with priority going to Pyramid Partners, Partners, then Organizations. Within these categories, members are listed in alphabetical order. These listings are also “Featured” meaning that they show up first.

Currently, this is a service which we provide to our institutional members and college circus clubs only – we look forward to adding professional members soon. If your organization is on the map and the information is missing or incorrect (such as a phone number, email or categorization error), feel free to contact the directory administrator at for assistance. Also, if you have any feedback about how we can make this better, let us know!

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How to use the Directory

Under the directory heading you will find a map of our current institutional members as well as active college circus clubs. The map is organized according to regional clusters with a number indicating how many organizations are in that region. To zoom in, double click on an area you are interested in seeing in detail. To zoom out, click the “minus” (-) button on the left side of the map. In the top right corner, you can choose whether to view the listings as a map, grid or list.

In the list view, you will find two search bars which can be used to find circus organizations according to either location or name.  Alternatively you can search by category with the drop down menu on the right.

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