Online Group Circus Classes

Online group circus classes offered by ACE member organizations!

Have you always wanted to take a circus class, or are you a circus student who wants to keep doing circus while you can’t be at your usual circus space in person? Take a circus class from the comfort of home and support a circus school, studio, or organization impacted by COVID-19! Stay fit, learn new skills, and maintain community.

(Many organizations also offer private lessons as well, contact directly for details.)

We’ve done our best to keep this information up to date, but things are constantly changing. If you are an ACE circus organization offering online group classes and would like to be added to this list (or if you would like to update the information provided for your organization) please email

The Actors Gymnasium
(Chicago, IL)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: $15 (Classes range from 45-60 minutes)
Classes: Focused on strength, active flexibility, mobility, coordination, low impact cardio, and physical theatre.

Aloft Circus Arts
(Chicago, IL)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: $15 per 1hr, register through Mindbody
Classes: “Regular” classes have been converted to online format, focusing on guided at-home activities specific to skills in that class such as flexibility, conditioning, vocabulary review, and theory discussion.

A-WOL Dance Collective
(Portland, OR)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: Sliding scale donations ($5-15) can be sent to our PayPal account
Classes: Adult and Youth classes – contemporary dance, conditioning, youth hula hoop, flexibility, yoga and more

Bindlestiff’s Cirkus After School
(NYC and Hudson, NY)
Platform: Youtube
Pricing: Free
Classes: Bindlestiff’s Cirkus After School YouTube channel offers at-home tutorials in circus skills, mindfulness, and social games

Canopy Studio
(Athens, GA)
Platform:  Zoom
Pricing:  $10 per 30 min class, fee waived upon request for those impacted by COVID-19
Classes: Flexibility, conditioning, theory, floor choreography with invented apparatus and more

Circus Harmony
(St. Louis, MO)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: Prices vary, starting at $10
Classes: Preschool Circus, Circus Arts ages 6-13, Basic Hula Hooping , Beginner Dance, Dance Fusion, Juggling, Unicycling, Contortion

The Circus Project
(Portland OR)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: Sliding Scale
Classes: Adults 15+. Contortion, Handbalancing, Juggling, Fitness

Circus Smirkus
(Greensboro, VT)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: Session pricing
Classes: All ages & levels – including juggling, clowning, hula hoop, magic, conditioning

Commonwealth Circus Center
(Jamaica Plains, MA)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: $18 per hour-long class
Classes: Rotating availability. Previously offered: Youth – Family Circus, Under-4s, 5 & Up, Tween Intensive. Adults – Juggling, yoga, dance, handbalancing, tumbling, conditioning & flexibility, circus discussions

Esh Circus Arts
(Somerville, MA)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: $18 per hour-long class, register through Amilia
Classes: Youth – Tots, Kids Circus, Teen & Tween Circus
Adults – stretching/contortion, conditioning, juggling, ballet barre, handbalancing, poi, fancy dance workout

Kansas City Aerial Arts
Kansas City (MI)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: $15/class
Classes: Conditioning, deep stretch, ABSercise, pull up bar conditioning

My Nose Turns Red Youth Circus
Cincinnati, OH)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: $10 per classes or $120 for a 12-week session/Summer Camp $120
Classes: After-school classes include diabolo, hooping, juggling, and plate spinning/comes with a Circus Kit

New England Center for Circus Arts
(Brattleboro, VT)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: $20 Drop-In
Youth – Tots Circus, Youth Circus, Creative Acro
Adults – Stretching, Conditioning, Handstands
Classes: Group circus classes led by NECCA coaches, structured for at-home learners. For Private lessons, be challenged and inspired working out with anything you have access to. (Note: You must have appropriate safety established including mats/matting for aerials and an identified safety person for apparatus based lessons.)

Philadelphia School of Circus Arts
(Philadelphia, PA)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: Juggle Jam FREE, $15 drop-in class, $50 unlimited classes for 30days
Classes: Youth –  Tots Circus, Kids Parkour, Juggle Jam, Youth Stretch & Strength
Adults – Circus Stretch, Circus Strong, Handstands All Levels

SANCA School for Acrobatics and New Circus Arts
(Seattle, WA)
Platform: Zoom, register through website
Pricing: $14 Drop-in
Classes: Youth – Circus With A Stuffy Buddy, Youth Circus @ Home
Adults – Object Manipulation, Acrobatic Skills, Conditioning, Flexibility

SHOW Circus Studio
(Easthampton, MA)
Platform: Zoom, Register through Pike 13
Pricing: $5 per hour class, weekly and monthly passes available
Classes: Youth – Youth Circus At Home
Teens & Adults – Circus Conditioning, Active Flexibility, Injury Prevention, Handstands

Sky Candy
(Austin, TX)
Platform: Zoom, Register through Mindbody
Pricing: $15 per class, class passes available
Classes: HIIT for Fit, Pilates, Core and More, Pull Up Bar Workout, Yoga, Handstands, Stretching

(Louisville, KY)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: $15 per 40min class
Classes: Zoom Active Flexibility, Zoom Conditioning

Versatile Arts
(Seattle, WA)
Platform: Zoom
Price: Drop-in sliding scale (minimum $5)
Classes: Youth conditioning
Adults – Cardio, Core & Abs, Stretching, Yoga, Handstands

Non-ACE Member Organizations

Afterglow Aerial Arts
(Portland, Oregon)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: $15/hr
Classes: Kids, Teens & Adults: Core Conditioning, Flexibility, Strength, Shoulder & Upper Back Mobility, Hand Balancing

Night Flight Aerial & Circus Arts
(Portland, OR)
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: $10-$20/class or $80 unlimited monthly membership, 60-75min classes, register through Mindbody
Classes: Adult classes – Handstands, Active Flexibility, Conditioning, Stretching, Fabric Theory.