Safety Committee

Updated February 2021

Safety Committee Description
The role of the Safety Committee is to advise AYCO/ACE staff on the implementation of the ACE Circus Arts Safety Program, including guidance about the growth, visibility, and success of the Circus Arts Safety Network. The committee is also responsible for reviewing and updating the Guidelines for Circus Arts Safety Network Members every 2 years with input from the AYCO/ACE, community and for reviewing and updating the AYCO/ACE Event Safety Guidelines. The committee is composed of 4-6 volunteer members with one member serving as chair and meets a minimum of 3 times per year.

Safety Committee Actions
+ Reviewing and updating the Circus Arts Safety Network Guidelines every 2 years following the EdCon
+ Reviewing and updating the ACE Festival Safety Guidelines every 2 years following the EdCon
+ Hosting 3x / year Safety Network Call

Safety Committee Meetings
+ Committee meets at least 3 times per year for a minimum of 1 hour per meeting. Years when guidelines are under review (years following the most recent EdCon), committee may meet more than 3 times and meetings may be longer than 1 hour.
+ Format: Meetings occur via Zoom

Member Commitment:
+ Term Limits: 2 years, no limit on how many times the role can be renewed
+ Expected Hours per quarter: 2-4  
+ Particular projects may be assumed by members that demand more time. These projects are at the discretion and capacity of the members. 

+ Participate in a minimum of 2 out of 3 Safety Committee meetings per year
+ Support the Safety Consultants by providing resources and content to aid them in their work
+ Stay abreast of national and international safety trends and best practices
+ Advise AYCO’s annual priorities, goals, and activities regarding safety program initiatives and programming 
+ Support the Safety Network by facilitating a minimum of one Safety Network Call annually
+ Attend biannual Festivals and Educators Conferences (recommended)

Safety Committee Member Nomination Process (Annual)
+ At least 8 weeks prior to the last committee meeting of the year: Nomination process begins by announcing that the committee is seeking more members via the ACE newsletter, social media channels, and an announcement to the Circus Arts Safety Network. The announcement is accompanied by this nomination form and includes a link to roles and responsibilities of committee members (Safety Committee Call for nominations). The nomination form is open for 2 weeks.
+ 4 weeks prior to committee meeting: When the nomination process closes, nominees are contacted by the Safety Program manager to fill out the form (unless they were self-nominated and already submitted their information). Nominees are given an additional 2 weeks to fill out the form. 
+ 2 weeks prior to committee meeting: Submissions for the nomination form formally close. Committee members have 2 weeks to review the nomination forms and fill out this internal recommendation form (such as this example from the Social Circus Committee. Safety Program manager will create this form).
+ 1 day prior to committee meeting: Committee chair reviews the internal recommendation form results, assigning a point system (such as this example from the Social Circus Committee) to determine which nominees were most voted for to join the committee. 
+ During committee meeting: Final review and selection of nominees. + Within one week after the committee meeting: The Safety Program manager will reach out to all nominees and let them know whether or not they have been selected to join the committee.