Become a 2020 virtual EdCon sponsor! This year, ACE is offering 3 levels of sponsorship for the EdCon.

Notebook Level: $150

Put your logo on a notebook that will be sent to participants of the EdCon! Your logo will hold a physical place in today’s virtual world – you’ll be remembered for years to come. Logos will be edited to one color and approximately 1.25’’x1.25’’. 

Banner Level (includes Notebook): $300

Have your logo on the banner of the EdCon website! Attendees will see this whenever they navigate to Zoom events. You will also receive a social media shoutout from ACE.

Room Name Level (includes Notebook and Banner): $500

Have a Zoom Room named after you/your organization! The schedule and website will refer to a certain Zoom room as the “Your Organization” Room.

Email natasha@americanyouthcircus.org to become a sponsor!