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When and Where?
EdCon is 3-day event, being held October 7-9th 2022 at Sky Candy in Austin, Texas.

Who Can Attend EdCon?
Every circus lover!! EdCon is designed for the circus educator looking to learn, grow and connect. Packed with workshops, discussions, private lessons, special learning opportunities and more, this is sure to be an enriching event you don’t want to miss.

How Much Does it Cost?
We have made EdCon ticket pricing as accessible as possible – simply choose where you fall on the sliding scale. Please not that you must be an ACE member to attend, as EdCon is by and for the circus education community – and ACE membership is also priced on a sliding scale for accessibility and equity. The Earlybird Discount is available before August 1st.

What If I Can’t Attend Live?

No worries, we still want you involved and so we’ve created a virtual attendance option. Grab your virtual only ticket for $50. Virtual ticket will include recordings of some, limited sessions.

Want to Help Make EdCon 2022 a Circcess? 
In addition to attending EdCon, there are a few other ways for you to get involved!

1. We are looking for presenters and volunteers to help make this an experience to remember – applications for both are open until July 1, 2022. 

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⚠️ Just a heads up, EdCon is happening the same weekend as ACL (Austin City Limits – a huge music festival) and accommodations will both get booked up fast *and* be pricey if you wait. Check out our website to get our top tips on booking your accommodations. Be sure to register and schedule your travel and lodging accommodations sooner rather than later to lock in the best rates and secure your spot.


🗣️ ACE Discussion Series 2022

🗓 Tuesday July 12th, 2022: Shoulder Health

In this discussion, we’ll be diving into Myofascial release, mobility, and recovery for the shoulder. If you’ve ever experienced training setbacks due to shoulder injuries or immobility then this workshop is for you. We’ll briefly discuss the anatomy of the shoulder and move to the hands-on portion where we’ll practice evidence-based myofascial release, mobility, stability, and strengthening exercises.

It’s important you leave with the confidence and competence to immediately begin integrating this methodology and these techniques. This is why we’ll spend the remaining time discussing how you can transfer these new skills to your own training and self-care programs, as well as those of your students. 

The systems approach we will take stems from our research-based, internationally-known RAD Mobility Continuum, which is also present in our Healthy Shoulders programming available online.

Equipment needed: (use discount code RADCIRCUS15% for 15% off one order)


Upcoming ACE discussions to add to your calendar:

🗓 Tuesday September 13th, 2022: Substance Use, Misuse, and Abuse

🗓 Tuesday November 8th, 2022: Opening and Closing Routines for Inclusive Circus Practice


About the ACE Discussion Series:

The American Circus Educators Association is excited to present a bimonthly online discussion series for continuing education and professional development for circus educators. Each session is based on a particular topic and facilitated by a community expert in that topic!


Attendance is FREE to current ACE/AYCO members.
Non-members pay a small sliding-scale fee, $5-20.
Space per session is limited.


Sessions are one hour long, every other month on the second Tuesday, at 12pm Eastern Time/11am Central Time/10am Mountain Time/9am Pacific Time. The sessions are not recorded, in order to create a space where attendees are comfortable participating fully in discussion – though some of the facilitator’s introduction may be recorded and made available to registrants after the session. Check out the upcoming events below!


Happy Pride Month from the Health & Wellness Committee!

AYCO has a wonderful youth developed resource about Gender and Circus Coaching that we highly encourage folks to read. The HUP Squad is continuing to revise and update the guide understanding that this information is constantly changing.  Below is an excerpt that is helpful as we work with youth to build shows throughout the summer:
“Have a conversation with your students about circus stereotypes and why they exist, considering tradition, aesthetics, physicality, sexism, homophobia, and the historical development of different disciplines. Take special initiative to encourage students to try, and not give up on, disciplines outside the stereotypes of their genders. Give your students some choice in their costumes for performances rather than assigning “male” and “female” costumes according to assigned-at-birth sex. Even better, consider non-gendered options.”


Breathe Easier: Asthma & Circus

Did you know that asthma is the most common chronic condition among Olympic athletes (about 8%)? It is also something that lots of circus folks live with, and is important for coaches and students to learn about and help manage. While physical activity can improve breathing and reduce the stress that can trigger asthma flares, high-level training can sometimes worsen it. The symptoms of exercise-induced asthma are similar to those of chronic asthma, and may include shortness of breath, tightness in chest, cough or wheezing. Here are some tips for managing asthma in athletes:
See an allergist or pulmonologist for diagnosis and development of an Asthma Action Plan, and if possible to share the plan with coaches. If prescribed a quick acting inhaler, keep it nearby when training, and use it as prescribed (typically before exercising, and if needed, during or after). If prescribed a daily preventive medicine like an inhaled corticosteriod, take it daily. Ask questions, and ask for help.

Warm up for 15 minutes before exercise, cool down after, stay well-hydrated, and rest when needed.
Check local air quality reports, and avoid training outdoors on days with poor air quality; cold, dry, polluted, moldy, pollen-filled, or smoky air can be a trigger, as can certain chemicals. Cover mouth and nose if helpful. Organizations can use less toxic cleaning products, increase air filtration, and advocate for cleaner air quality & equitable access to health care.
Seek emergency medical attention immediately if you are having trouble breathing, and get immediate medical help for others you see having trouble breathing. Don’t wait; breath is life.                               

Sources: and


Calling All Health and Wellness Experts!

The Health and Wellness Committee is looking for experienced volunteers to join their task forces. Joining a task force is a wonderful way for community members to get involved in creating safer and more welcoming environments in circus. Community members with expertise in health and wellness topics are encouraged to apply.

Led by a committee member or co-chair, each task force focuses on a variety of specialized health and wellness topics in the circus community. Topics range from sexual violence prevention/response and disordered eating, to concussion prevention/response and suicide prevention. Please note that time commitments for each task force may vary.

If you are interested in joining a Health and Wellness task force, please fill out the application here.

ACE Safety Program

The mission of the ACE Safety program is to establish specific guidelines that will help promote, encourage and foster better safety and risk management practices as related to circus arts by creating a system that recognizes circus spaces that demonstrate a continued commitment to better safety practices as based on ACE’s guidelines.


The ACE Safety Program is a low cost consultation process with an industry expert to help your program or school better manage the inherent risks associated with circus arts.


Safety Spotlight: Canopy Studio!

Canopy Studio is a community arts center. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to enriching the culture of their community and the lives of individuals through flying dance trapeze, movement education and performance arts. Canopy is a resource for local artists and all individuals, regardless of background, age, or physical ability, providing instruction in movement arts and a much-needed venue for viewing and participating in performances. Canopy reaches out to diverse populations in their community and allows everyone to benefit from their programs, classes, and performances. Canopy offers workshops, performances, and outreach initiatives; they are always seeking ways to increase our community presence. Canopy provides a safe space for creation and collaboration; their partnerships with artists of all mediums help to build links to creators and teachers in communities everywhere, bringing new performances and learning opportunities to Northeast Georgia.
“We feel that working directly with the ACE Safety Certification team – (Delbert Hall as well as Jonathan Givens) has brought an additional level of safety and security to our aerial program.  We feel confident that we have implemented best practices both in rigging and in teaching and providing services to our community.  In the same way that we don’t rig or practice alone, we look to ACE to provide a system of checks and continued guidance. When my students ask for recommendations for other studios, programs, and teacher training opportunities the first thing I look for is the ACE safety seal.  If I know that another studio has participated in the same rigorous process that Canopy does each year, then our students will be in the best possible environment even when they are not training in their home studio.” ~ Ann Woodruff, Executive Director 


Welcome New Safety Members!

We’d like to give a circus-sized welcome to the Safety Network Member Eureka Aerial!
🎪 Eureka Aerial’s goal is to help students find a fun environment while challenging their bodies to become stronger through aerial dance with aerial hammocks, lyra hoop, and silks, and contortion. Katie Scott, founder and creator of  Eureka Aerial, had a vision to bring Aerial Dance to Rogers, MN with the purpose of it being a joyful place for kids to challenge themselves. Eureka Aerial welcomes all levels to the studio and offers a variety of classes, workshops, and performance teams geared eared towards kids ages 7-18.  

The next American Circus Alliance Industry Development Workshop (virtual)

The next American Circus Alliance Industry Development Workshop (virtual) is June 13 at 1 pm.

Tales from Self Production: A roundtable sharing and Q & A with company leaders who have started their own circus tours with a focus on DIY and outdoor circus. Join for stories and insights including: producing on zero budget, booking shows independently, and creating a show as a small or new company. Round Table hosted by Serenity Smith Forchion (Nimble Arts) with Shayna Swanson (ALOFT / Brave Space), Doug Stewart (CirqueUS), Abigail Munn (Circus Bella), Keith Nelson (Bindlestiff Family Cirkus / Flatbed Follies), Eric Bates (Barcode / Sweat & Ink and Branché)


Available for pre-order now: Circus Psychology

Coming in August, and available for pre-order now: Circus Psychology: An applied guide to thriving under the big top. This book provides an evidence-based guide to nurturing the mental health of circus artists while enabling them to perform at the peak of their capacities. The book is organized into three accessible sections: Mental health in circus, Optimising the circus environment to facilitate thriving, and Mental skills for thriving in circus. Written by Dr. Fleur van Rens, a circus artist and lecturer in sports psychology, it is an essential resource for circus coaches, professional circus artists, and recreational artists who are eager to improve their mental skills.  
Link to book:
Instagram handle: @circuspsychology


Paper Doll Militia Upcoming Remote Teacher Trainings

This 50 hour Remote Teacher Training Course is a comprehensive and fully interactive training that you can do in your local studio or on your approved home rigging. It includes independent study, group instruction & personalized feedback as well as lifetime access to over 200 recorded reference videos and other course materials. There are 3 weekly zoom classes delivered in multiple time zones over the 4 week program.
Upcoming Trainings:

Level 1 Silks, Rope, Trapeze or Lyra

  • Dates: Sept 3 – Oct 1, 2022
  • Registration opens July 4th, 2022
  • Register by July 10th, 2022 for Early Bird Discount ($100 off)

Level 2 Silks, Trapeze or Lyra

  • Dates: Oct 29 – Nov 26th, 2022
  • Registration opens August 29th, 2022
  • Register by September 4, 2022 for Early Bird Discount ($100 off)

Visit the WEBSITE for more information.

Circus Juventas Is Hiring

Circus Juventas, a 501(c)(3), nonprofit performing arts circus school for youth in St. Paul, Minnesota is seeking a permanent Head Rigger/Arena Manager. Circus Juventas is dedicated to inspiring artistry and self-confidence through a multicultural circus arts experience for youth. CJ strives to be the world’s premier youth circus performing arts organization, recognized for providing innovative programming, world-class training, and professional-level performances in a state-of-the-art circus center. The Head Rigger/Arena Manager will be responsible for ensuring the safe setup, use and maintenance of rigging equipment, as well as assisting with inventory and safety inspections. The person in this position will also lead the rigging team in safely operating the rigging equipment during performances, classes, and trainings.

For more information and to apply, please visit: Please contact Rob@CircusJuventas.orgwith any questions.


Circadium is Hiring

Would you like to be part of the faculty of the country’s only diploma-granting circus college? Circadium, in Philadelphia, is hiring for the 2022-2023 school year.  

We are particularly seeking instructors for Dance Trapeze, Chinese Pole, Rola-Bola, Contortion, and Juggling.  Details of the positions can be found here:

Support Paper Doll Militia’s Scholarship Programs!

Contribute funds to support the continuation of the Paper Doll Militia Teacher Training Scholarship programs. Donate Here!

Be an advocate! Support BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and individuals facing barriers to circus education to become leaders in the industry through backing them with your donation.

This Indiegogo campaign aims to raise $6000 from your support, and Paper Doll Militia will match this! This will create the opportunity for 12 aerialists to take the course on 100% Scholarship within a year-long period.

In just under 2 years, Paper Doll Militia has given 15 Artful Leader’s scholarships and 8 Fly Black Aerialist Scholarships towards their Teacher Training programs for a value of $22,000. These recipients come from all over the globe, including the Philippines, Greece, Mexico, Brazil, & Cyprus. In order to continue to run these programs, we need help from people like you to make it possible!


Nimble Arts Has Several 50% Scholarships

Nimble Arts has several 50% scholarships to give away to an upcoming Tree Climbing / Harness Dancing Workshop, July 2 – 7 in New Hampshire (USA). Because of the harness aspect of the dancing, it is also very accessible to all body types and non-dancers as well – it is like being able to dance and do acrobatics with gravity suspended! Here is a video from a project we did last year where you can see the type of dancing in a few variations (fast forward past the talking to 6:30) Lodging is included in the fee.
Register at:

Just fill out the application document and in the notes say you are seeking the scholarship.


CSAW Microgrants for US Circus Artists of Color

CSAW – Connection Circus Students Around the World met their fundraising goal for the second year in a row and it means that they can provide another year of Microgrants! To be eligible to apply for a CSAW Microgrant for US Circus Artists of Color you must identify as a person of color who is a citizen, resident alien, or permanent resident of the United States looking to further their education in circus and/or fund their circus related projects and needs. All applicants must be 14 years or older to apply for and receive a Microgrant. Applications are open from the 1st-15th of every month. For more information click here.


In Good Wealth: Grants for Black-Owned Businesses

In Good Wealth nonprofit organization invests in Black-owned wellness and movement focused businesses to ignite generational wealth and equity in health. $1,500 grants are awarded on a rolling basis to early stage businesses. Circus is included as a wellness and movement field. To learn more and apply, click here.

2022 Social Circus Connection Calls!

New format, same great Social Circus Connection Call.


In 2022, the ACE Social Circus Program is changing the registration structure for our Connection calls; participants will need to register for each individual call. Join us for our next call, Tuesday, August 9th at 9am PST / 10am MST / 11am CST / 12pm EST.

Calls are *free* to ACE members | $0-10 for non-members


Circus Harmony’s Amazing Alumni

Circus Harmony congratulates their alumni, Kyran Walton and Oliver Layher, on their graduation from Ecole Nationale de Cirque, their first professional contract with Seven Fingers, and on their first international circus festival, Young Stage, where they were awarded three prizes!
St. Louis Arches alumni, Claire Wallenda, will be appearing with Circus Flora alongside the current St Louis Arches.
Melvin Diggs and Terrance Robinson are touring with Cirque du Soliel’s Luzia which is currently in Geneva, Switzerland.
Chauncey Kroner is coaching the new hoop diving act which will be part of Circus Harmony’s Architecture and Acrobats!
Kellin Quinn and his partner, Danielle Saulnier, will be spending the summer performing on Iles de la Madeleine in Quebec for Cirque Eloize. 
Tiffany Harris is a 5th grade teacher at Ames Elementary School. Her students took Circus Harmony’s Circus Science class this Spring and did an end of year show. 
Keaton Hentoff-Killian was just at Circus Harmony visiting and did some great guest coaching before rejoining Circa Contemporary Circus for a performances in Romania and the Canary Islands. 


Game of the Month: I’m Sorry, Did You Say…

How to play: Have one student create the beginning of a fiction story in front of the class. Ask students to raise their hand and interrupt the story by saying, “I’m sorry, did you say…” and change a detail in the story. The storyteller then repeats the sentence with the new addition/suggestion and continues the story. After a few minutes, change the storyteller.
Variation: Have the storyteller choose when to call on someone to change the story. Work in pairs or groups of 4. 
Reflections: At the end, debrief with the group; how did someone else’s ideas affect your story? How was your creativity challenged?

Fit, Fabulous & Fearless Virtual Bootcamp

Is it possible to look fabulous dancing/moving, feel amazing in your body, AND remain joyful? Absolutely, it is. But is it as easy as some people make it out to be? Definitely not. If you want to successfully look stunning and feel vibrant at the same time, there are a few things you need to know. (And we’re going to tell you!)

Found out what they are in the Fit, Fabulous and Fearless Bootcamp. It’s 14 straight days of wholehearted access to top experts who want to help YOU become a healthier, confident and breathtaking dancer/mover/artist. Our panel includes dancers, artistic athletes, physical therapists, registered dietitians, personal trainers, body image coaches & psychologists that are excited to share their stories, struggles and breakthroughs while busting popular beliefs about body image, fitness and health.

Claim your free front row seat to this epic online event. Learn more and sign up here.


The Circus Smirkus 2022 Big Top Tour Opens July 2!

Get your tickets to come see the 2022 Big Top Tour: On the Road Again. Come see the joy of 30 circus youth ages 11-18 perform under our beautiful Big Top on tour across New England in our 35th Anniversary show! Full details at

★ Greensboro, VT:  July 2
★ Essex Junction, VT:  July 6, 7, 8 & 10
★ Hanover, NH: July 13, 14, 16, 17 
★ Marshfield, MA: July 20-23
★ Waltham, MA: July 26-August 1 (includes our annual Gala: The Smirktacular on June 28)
★ Newbury, MA: August 4-5
★ Kennebunkport, ME: August 9-10
★ Greensboro, VT: August 13-14


CSAW Circus School Application Deadline Mastersheet

Are You, Your Students or Your Kiddos Getting Ready to Audition for Circus Schools This Year? CSAW is Here to Help!
CSAW – Connecting Circus Students Around the World has released their 2022 Circus School Application Deadline Mastersheet! Click here:
This spreadsheet includes: 
• Circus schools
• Links to applications
• Application deadlines
• Audition dates
• The CSAW Ambassador for the school 
• How to contact that ambassador! 
• What is a CSAW Ambassador? 
A CSAW Ambassador is a current student of their international circus school. They are here to support you through applying, auditioning and attending circus school. If you have a question about a school just send the Ambassador an email or a DM and get an honest answer from a student of that school asap!
There are currently 16 CSAW Ambassadors to help future circus generations. You can find all of the current CSAW Ambassadors by clicking here:


Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center: Summer Circus & Dance Creation Lab Auditions

The Summer Circus & Dance Creation Lab is a two-week program that culminates in a performance.  Students will have the opportunity to take technique classes in dance and circus such as contemporary dance, jazz, hip-hop, aerial silks, trapeze, lyra, juggling, and acrobatics. Students will have the opportunity to choose their technique classes for the two weeks.  Pending on the goals of the students (see Audition Form), we have the capacity to include faculty in other disciplines such as African Dance, Latin Dance, Cyr Wheel, and Aerial Straps.

When: July 18 – 29 (2 weeks) | Performance July 30
For Ages 8+
*Virtual Audition Required
Deadline: April 22 or when all spaces are full ​
Get more details at:


Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance presents the 24th International Aerial Dance Festival

Aerial Dance Festival 2022: July 31-August 12. Boulder, CO.
3-Hour Immersions, 90-Minute Classes, Workshops, Panels, Performances, and more in-person in Boulder, CO! Learn from this year’s incredible line-up of Faculty Artists: Megan Cattau, Terry Crane, Gena DuBose, Cosmo Dudley, Danielle Hendricks, Shannon McKenna, Valerie Morris, Nancy Smith, Sofia Rodriguez, and Anastasia Timina. Join us for one week or two! Learn More and Register Here.


Nimble Arts Workshops Are Back!

June 20 – 24: Nimble Arts Introduction to Teaching Aerials hosted by NECCA in Brattleboro, VT for anyone embarking on or expanding your teaching practice.  Learn the foundations including spotting, skill progressions, classroom management, posture analysis, injury prevention etc.


July 2-7: Tree Dancing Workshop in collaboration with certified arborist, in Weare, NH. Learn the ropes of how to ascend into trees and dance with them in this outdoor combination of aerials, harness dancing and creativity.  Great for beginners and experienced movers alike this workshop is excellent for generating environmentally focused creative material within the natural landscape.


For info & registration visit:


Circus Smirkus Camp Registration is OPEN!

At Smirkus Camp, kids develop new ways to challenge themselves, learn skills like teamwork and problem solving, get terrific physical conditioning, and enjoy fun summer camp traditions like singalongs, costume themed dinners, kickball, and more!
This summer, Circus Smirkus is offering the following sessions at Smirkus Camp, including placement-based camps that require a video submission, as marked with ★ below:
Smirkling Camp | 1 day | June 18 | Ages 5-11
All Levels Circus Camp | 1 week | June 19-June 24 | Ages 8-16
All Levels Circus Camp | 2 weeks | June 26-July 8 | Ages 8-16
Intermediate Camp | 2 weeks | July 10-22 | Ages 12-18
★ Intermediate Skills Intensive | 3 weeks | July 24-August 12 | Ages 12-18
★ Advanced Ensemble | 3 weeks | July 24-August 12 | Ages 12-18
★ Advanced Individual Acts | 3 weeks | July 24-August 12 | Ages 12-18
Get more information and sign up at


Flying Gravity Circus Introduces High School Circus Studies Program

WILTON, NH — Flying Gravity Circus (FGC) is partnering with High Mowing School (HMS) to offer the residential Circus Studies Program (CSP). Aspiring circus artists get:

  • A liberal, arts and sciences high-school education, and
  • Training in physical and artistic circus skills and performance.

“This is the only program like it in the United States — and is a culmination of years of planning and a decade of dreaming,” says Jon Roitman, FGC artistic director and CSP program director. 

The CSP includes:

  • Academic Classes: math, science, English, world language
  • Growing Circus Curriculum: sports psychology, nutrition, anatomy, career management
  • On-Site Circus Training: in our fully equipped studio
  • Performance: in FGC’s advanced troupe 

CSP graduates will have the academic credits required by traditional colleges, plus the skills to apply to a circus college or support a performing arts career.  


Learn more at


Discounts for AYCO/ACE Members

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Like discounts like this? The more our members use them, the more leverage we have as an organization to encourage companies to provide discounts!


ACE News Article Submission

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