Juggling.TV: An Online Juggling Resource

Juggling.tv is the largest depository for juggling knowledge in the entire world (after YouTube). Juggling.tv was built nearly 11 years ago to give jugglers and circus performers a dedicated place to share their videos, whether that be performing one-off tricks or teaching tutorials. We have had over 22 million views and have our content available in 14 languages. We have 30 different channels, including Performances, Single Tricks, Instructional Material, History, Conventions, Actual TV, Comedy, and Dedicated Prop Videos including devil stick, fire, unicycle, hat & cane, hula hoop, spinning, contact juggling, diabolo, and much more. We even have a promotional channel where people can host their own promotional videos. Unlike YouTube, there are no adverts embedded in our videos and visitors are never taken away from the videos they’re searching for. We’ve even included slow-mo buttons to allows watchers to select their chosen viewing speed. Also, unlike YouTube, we allow users to download the videos in a range of formats. Juggling.tv is non-profit—it’s built by jugglers and skill performers for the benefit of the worldwide juggling community.

To celebrate Juggling.tv’s 10th birthday, we have run a year-long competition which is reaching its end. In the spring, we will be featuring the best 100 videos with prizes generously donated by Oddballs, who have been our only sponsor since the very beginning. When you look at the historical videos, the nostalgia of years gone by is very moving. When watching more current content on Juggling.tv, one can’t help but be inspired by the skills on show and the vast array of presentations. It makes it easy to imagine how you could combine several performance styles—both historic and new—with their own twist.

The other beauty of juggling.tv is our members section, which allows users to follow other members and their favorite videos. Because our content has been translated into 14 languages, we have a truly international following. We’ve been delighted with the response to Juggling.tv. Going forward, we want to continue to promote Juggling.tv and give greater exposure to the juggling community. One wish we have for the future is to have more tutorials. We currently have hundreds of tutorials, but there’s always room for improvement. If any of ACE’s readers have tips of their own to share with the juggling community, we welcome you to do so!

Juggling.tv is used in many ways, from sharing videos with friends to educating the wider community. It is a source of great inspiration within any chosen artform, showing perspectives on how a skill has been developed by different people around the world. From an instructional point of view, juggling.tv can help you understand by osmosis how tricks are executed and it has tutorials when things are less intuitive. And of course, it is also just pure entertainment! We wish both to share Juggling.tv with other practitioners as well as encouraging them to engage with the platform. We hope that you will join us, whether as a viewer or by uploading videos of your own. It’s the perfect place to share anything from a one-off trick to a full routine! In our second decade, we will make Juggling.tv an even more special community for all.

Happy spinning, twisting, rolling, balancing, catching, and dropping!

Jack Decie

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